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Freight storage

The Porto Levante Terminal provides modern equipment and machinery for loading, unloading and storing freight. The Terminal is an ideal logistical platform for companies that need to store freight that will be later sent all over Italy and abroad.

Freight is stored in two separate areas: a covered area of more than 7,000 square metres and an uncovered area of 130,000 square metres and is ideal for freight-handling of inert goods, timber, non-perishable foods, containers, fertilisers and building materials. The wharf and the yard are flood-lit for night-time operations.

The Terminal’s position at the mouth of the Po di Levante makes this freight storage area particularly suitable for maritime and river transport and shipping to Europe, Asia and the Mediterranean basin. In addition, as part of an intermodal centre, it allows the loading of goods onto road transport vehicles.

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Freight storage

Intermodal Terminal
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