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Intermodal Terminal

Porto Levante is the intermodal Terminal located at the mouth of the Po di Levante, a few kilometres from Venice, which can accommodate river and maritime transport with a load capacity of 3,000 / 5,000 metric tonnes. The Terminal offers intermodal services for freight traffic arriving by sea, river and land.

The intermodal Terminal is equipped for storage and assembly of sub-groups for large systems. It has a surface area of 130,000 square metres; 7,000 square metres of which are covered. The Terminal is fully-equipped with all main services (water, electricity, drainage, telephone and fax, etc.).

Thanks to its position, Porto Levante Terminal is the ideal choice for river and maritime transport and freight exchange from ships to barges and from rubber dinghies to ships. Freight arriving from industrial areas of the Po valley by river, can be easily transferred to larger ships and transported by sea to Mediterranean countries and Eastern Europe.

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Intermodal Terminal
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