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Freight storage

Porto Levante Terminal has over 7,000 square metres of covered warehouses and offers freight services to companies that need storage during transport through the intermodal Terminal. Goods are deposited in warehouses managed and monitored by experienced staff and the centre employs the most advanced, up-to-date freight handling and storage technology.

The freight deposit storage is particularly suitable for intermodal transport, when the transfer from rubber dinghies to ships or barges to ships may take longer due to delays in deliveries.

The freight storage warehouses of the Porto Levante Terminal are situated in an ideal position, at the mouth of the Po di Levante in the heart of the Veneto region and a few kilometres from Venice. The warehouses occupy a surface area of 130,000 square metres on the wharf, in a well lit area for night time operations for ships arriving by sea or river.

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Freight storage

Intermodal Terminal
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