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Ideally situated in the Adriatic
at the centre of Mediterranean
and Black Sea trade routes
Porto Levante Terminal, at Porto Viro, lies at the mouth of the Po di Levante, on the last navigable stretch and half-way between Venice and Ravenna. The national Romea highway provides excellent links to trunk and motorway networks.

The location is of strategic importance: for all modes of transport: road, rail and water.

An excellent motorway network provides routes south to Bologna, Florence and Rome, north to Padua, Venice, Trieste, Verona, Bolzano and the Brenner Pass, and west to Milan.

The nearby rail link at Rovigo is on the strategically important Padua-Bologna route providing excellent rail links.

With its wharves at the mouth of the River Po as it enters the Adriatic, the natural location of Porto Levante Terminal facilitates freight-carrying on inland waterways on European capacity barges. There are a number of river docks along the Po, including Mantua, Cremona and Piacenza, serving major industrial areas.

Rovigo and Verona can also be reached by water.

How to reach
Porto Levante Terminal

Take the Strada Statale 309 Romea
[national highway 309]
heading towards Ravenna
then, after the bridge over
the Po di Levante
turn left for Ca' Cappello.
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